Missing Verbot5 Files please help!

Mar 2, 2014 at 9:29 PM
I'm a new user to Verbot and The Site is down. Because of this, I'm unable to download the Base package with all the default samples. I do have the Verbot SDK for Version 5 and I building this editor so I can incooperate the Verbot Engine into Silver Monkey, (A Dream Management bot for the game Furcadia.)

I'm Looking for Samples as and the manual for Verbot... Also I'm looking for any Information that was contained on the Verbots Official Wiki.

How do Conditions Work?
How can verbot learn from Conversations?
What are Modules and how do they work?
Mar 13, 2014 at 7:16 PM
Verbots basic knowledgebase files are pretty simple to understand but only if you have the source.

You must already know that it is built on C#. With that said, conditions structures are built like a equal scale.
If you save a variable: <?csharpvars["[something]"] = "[something]";?>
To retrieve it you do: (string)vars["[something"] == "[something]"

The retrieval process is the condition. It can do a lot of things with variables. Verbots has set variables with the SDK such as:


All of which is automatically made when you start the knowledgebase. So if you want your Verbot to greet differently at 2 o'clock in the morning in your _startup (you can make it automatically start this command) command you do something like this:

Inputs: _startup
Output: "It's 2 o'clock, why are you awake?"
Condition: (string)vars["_time24"] == "2:00"

When it is 2 in the morning your verbot will greet with your output.
Alot of the advanced functioning is removed from the real version in the SDK. Being that all the information is gone and you don't have a working original copy let me give you the decompiled project files for the full version.

You can get it at Verbots Shutdown

Looking throughout the code you can get more information and implement it in your application.

Hopefully you can get it working. (please note I didn't link the references in the package, if you do so you might be able to start the applications)
Mar 13, 2014 at 8:23 PM
Edited Mar 13, 2014 at 8:24 PM
Thank you for the Information and the Source Link.. I'm gonna have fun Exploring the Source... Theres a Lot to it.

This Editor is a response to a Need... Couple weeks ago I was talking to a couple friends on Furcadia www.furcadia.com and it came up that we wanted an Interactive Bot with personality of a Character... I already have a bot program that uses a script called Monkey Speak. It's a an interpeted language. [(0:0) when something happens, (1:0) and this %Variable is 1 , (5:0) Do something.] My Bot Silver Monkey is written in .Net Some parts VB the rest in c#. So to Give it some dynamic Personality I did a search for .Net Chat bots looking for something small I could use and Plug in and that's when I found the Verbot SDK. At the Time the Download.com Link to the Clint release didn't work but I found some YouTube videos that showed what the editor did. So with the SDK in hand I built the Editor and Linked the verbot SDK to my bot using the Examples included... So Now (0:x) when some one says anything), (5:x) Send %Message to the Chat Processor and put the result in %Variable, (5:x) Say %Variable.

the Mai n Version of this Editor is included in a future Silver Monkey Release so My Users can Build their chat bots..

I'm hoping the Source Code for Verbot will help e finetune the implementation and allow me to find ways to link the 2 engines together for a powerful bot

Are there any Lisencing Details for the Decompiled Source of Verbot?